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Essential to a successful group is making sure that interested spiritual seekers know about you.

Here are 5 essential things that we recommend you do to get the word out about your activities:

One: Use Word of Mouth

Start by inviting those friends and acquaintances of yours that you think would be interested in starting a group.  Identify who do you know that has similar spiritual interests to you and personally ask them to join you.  Then ask them to ask their friends!  Make sure they have a way of contacting you, such as an email address or phone number.

Two: Use Social Media

Set up a group FaceBook page (or whatever would be more appropriate in your country) to create a way to communicate what you are about and what you are doing.  Post information regularly. Get your members to share the posts with their contacts.  Consider using other appropriate social media resources that would publicize your group (Twitter,, etc.).  Make sure you keep a list of your member's email address and have a way to contact them!

Three: Find Like Minded Groups

Are there groups in your area that explore metaphysical concepts?  Seek them out and attend their groups and let them know about yours! Find ways to work together and support one another. Don't forget to check the resources at spiritual or metaphysical bookstores.

Four: Reach Out to Traditional Media

Contact the local media resources in your area, especially if they write about spiritual resources. Write up a press release or brief article about your group and ask them to print something.  Look for specialized free newsletters that write on spiritual topics and ask them to include you.  Look for free or low cost classified ads that you can run.

Five:  Have an interesting group!

The best success comes from having a compelling group that people want to keep coming back to!  Make sure that your group is lively and interesting.

What ideas have you tried that you would like to share?  Post it in our FaceBook group or email it to our Global Services Coordinator, Rev Mark Gilbert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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